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The 5 most important technologies for the security market in 2021.

Knowing the updates about security technology is fundamental to offer an exemplary service, the customers demand tools and an even better and more sophisticated safety levels. The more advanced the technologies, the bigger the feeling of security in an environment.

Besides, the new technologies are also advantageous for the company, because they bring efficiency for the monitoring job. Having quick access to monitoring data, obtaining accurate images and identifying patterns in events makes easier to respond to occurrences. This way, the time and resources used in each activity are smaller, thus, generating greater savings for the company.

Understanding the importance of knowing trends, we summarized in this post the most relevant technologies for the security Market in 2021.

#1 Cloud Storage

The cloud storage has been making easier the access and management of information in many companies, and in the security market that is not different. Storing files and datas in the cloud is to keep the information reserved in servers away from where they were made. Thus, it’s not necessary to sign in to the hardware that stores the information to access them. A simple internet connection from any device and the access to the cloud is authorized.

For the security and monitoring area, being able to store data in the cloud brings great advantages. The first one is the storage space available , which is infinitely larger. This way, it is no longer necessary to worry about the storage limit, or the maintenance of data amount..

Segware Sigma, our monitoring software, already uses this technology. Its system is hosted in Amazon Web Service (AWS). Thus, it offers a cloud database system that can deliver faster event processing compared to the competitors.

Besides the easiness to access the information from any device connected to the internet, the cloud storage offers a greater data security. It’s possible to determine access and privacy limit both regarding the relation to the information and according to the user that is accessing.

Such characteristics are even more relevant as the security equipment produce an increasing number of data. For example, the IP câmeras, which we will talk about below.

Still talking about the cloud storage, a great advantage is that you don’t need to make backups. It’s very common to monitoring companies lose all your data base for not having made a backup.

#2 IP Cameras

With technology evolving, the IP cameras today record images with a better definition and resolution, including in nocturnal ambients. In some scenarios, they can replace up to 8 analog cameras, which makes them advantageous for big ambients monitoring.

Furthermore, these cameras can record locally or in the cloud environment through motion sensors This means that they can be set to start recording only when a movement is detected. Therefore, it can conserve data storage through internal memory or SD Cards.

Some of these cameras are also able to work with analytics features, so they can send notifications to a central station if they identify something unusual. So, the service due to this features can be faster.

#3 Plates recognition and access control

One of the specific uses of smart cameras is the plates recognition, or LPR (License Plate Reading). From the optical recognition of characters (OCR), it’s possible to identify a vehicle and the informations registered on it in a database. The recognition can be done both in stopped cars and movement and it has several applications.

In case it identifies a stolen vehicle, the camera can send a notification to the Insurance company responsible or even to a Central Station that provides tracking services. But in case it identifies that it is a vehicle linked to criminal activities like invasions and kidnapping, the câmera is able to activate an alert to a monitoring central.

This technology can also be applied to most common situations such as rotational parking lot and the access control to condominiums and companies. In this last case, the LPR only gives access for cars previously authorized in the database. If the automobile is from a visitor, the license plate can be automatically registered and categorized as a visitor..

#4 Security apps in mobile devices

With cloud storage and the cameras connected to the network, it arises the possibility of access theses devices and informations from any device connected to the internet. Nowadays, in the market, there are several apps for smartphones and tablets with functionalities that ranging from viewing the real-time, playback, to changing your own cell phone into a monitoring camera.

The apps allow to control the vídeo recorder, manage the cameras and activate the alert sending when it is detected suspect movements and sounds. The main apps’ advantage is that they can be utilized in a daily life device, such as smartphones. This way, anyone can monitor from anywhere.

The Segware MySecurity app, for example, allows to arm and disarm an alarm panel, access the events’ historical and view the receipts and the monitoring service open invoices. The use case value of using the apps combined to the use of the traditional monitoring, brings practicality and transparency, thus creating a bigger client retention. In addition, this kind of technology allow a larger customization, and the app is customized to the client’s brand, narrowing the relationship between the client and the company.

#5 Artificial Intelligence

The last technology that we highlight – and it is already making difference in many other areas – is the artificial intelligence (AI). For security, the AI crosses and analyzes the data collected by monitoring equipment to identify patterns and offer conclusions about them.

This analysis is becoming even faster, it can occur in real time. One example is the identification of uncommon situations for specific places. When the abnormality is noticed, the system will send and alert to the professionals of the area. It allows that the operator checks the situation of alert before a significant occurrence happens.

As the numbers of stored data increases, the system improves these information crossing, in order to identify the patterns and make even better and assertive recommendations.

This intelligence is a huge ally for the people who works monitoring and in the security area, because it brings a higher work performance and a lower exposure of professionals and risky situations. While the system makes the analysis way faster than the operators, they can focus on what they do best: fast and quality service.


The technology in the security market is making monitoring more and more professional, simple and assertive. The possibility of having cloud services, quality images, accessible from many places, and intelligence that recommends actions accurately, it makes the work easier. Assimilating theses technologies to the companies is an advantage both in terms of excellence and productivity. The most efficient response to the the events offers greater security to the clients. The efficiency in the service entails a reduction in costs and a quality work.

Do you already use any of these technologies? Leave a comment below